Mystery Dining London

Would you like to know what the guest experience is like at your London restaurant?

As a restaurant owner, it can be hard to know the level of service a customer receives when you are not around.

Mystery guest service for restaurants and hospitality businesses in London

Our London mystery dining inspection is typically attended by two members of our team. We can arrange larger groups if required.

Before the mystery dining inspection takes place you will have the opportunity to discuss any areas you would like us to investigate in detail. You are welcome to give us a list of focus areas.

During the mystery dining inspection, we will pose as normal customers, while paying close attention to all aspects of the guest experience.

After the mystery dining inspection, we produce a detailed report of the guest experience and include photos where possible. We will also make recommendations and suggestions for improvement. Our findings are always kept strictly confidential.

We have inspected a wide range of restaurants and hospitality businesses. From restaurants in London to 5-star resorts in the Maldives on behalf of a leading international airline.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about our mystery dining service.